3D product rendering – Some interesting things that you need to know

3D product rendering” is a well-known keyword in the product design industry.  When it comes to 3D product rendering, we can not deny the potential benefits it brings to us. In regard to introducing you to a closer look about 3D product rendering, we have compiled many interesting things that you need to know. Let’s see through this article below! 

What is 3D product rendering? 


3D rendering product

3D product rendering is to create a three-dimensional, realistic model of a product by using specialist software. Drawings, sketches. pictures and other types of data are used to build 3D product rendering models. Later, these can be utilized for a variety of things such as publishing online or in catalogs or promotional videos. The interesting thing about 3D product rendering is that manufacturers and product designers can try out different colors and materials as well as adjust the product’s design aspects by working on the 3D model of the product using this technology. This 3D product rendering technology replaced conventional prototyping and revolutionized the way manufacturers create and advertise their goods. There are 3 types of 3D product rendering : Product 3D models, Still product 3D renders, Interactive product 3D rendering. Each type has strong points that you need to find out which is suitable for your projects. 
Additionally, 3D product rendering can rotate objects 360 degrees, exhibit from any angle, alone or in conjunction with other things, and be interactive. To fully understand all of the product’s intricacies and features, you can shrink or enlarge the image to the necessary size. All of these advantages of 3D product rendering are provided to every designer, developer, or marketer by turning a concept into a virtual model and enabling them to comprehend its operation. Before they are produced or released to the market, you will be able to display even the most complexly designed things using product renderings, which is better than photorealistic rendering. 3D product rendering is a fantastic method to boost sales, differentiate your material, or provide your customers with something unique.

4 benefits of 3D product rendering 

Online purchases of 3D product rendering are growing more and more widespread. It is widely applied in online retailers for clothing, electronics, automobiles, jewelry, and household appliances. And it’s frequently employed in advertising. It can not be denied that the benefits of 3D product rendering bring to users are several.

Perfect lightning 


3D rendering product

You have complete power to both indoor and outdoor lighting with 3D renders. You don’t need to wait for a beautiful day or a stunning sunset to get the ideal shot of your landscape or building. Additionally, you won’t ever have to wait for the weather to improve. You can control everything with 3D product rendering, including the season, day of the week, sun angle, and amount of sunlight.

You may completely control every aspect of indoor lighting for interiors using 3D product rendering without having to pay a high-priced lighting crew. Shadows can be made softer or sharper. Lights can be made brighter or dimmer. Sunlight can enter the room through the drapes. You can set the mood whatever you like. A skilled staff can expertly blend the most subdued colors to fulfill your exact vision as a finishing touch.

Visualize the future initiatives and changes 


3D rendering product

An excellent scenario for 3D product rendering is a project that is still in the conceptual or planning stages. In order to explore a wide range of choices without having to spend money on travel, props, furniture, photographers, and interior designers, architects, builders, marketers, and other professionals frequently employ 3D renders.

Moreover, digital pictures can be altered and improved upon with far less difficulty and money than 3D renders. In contrast to this, a fresh shot is typically required in the traditional photographing process if you wish to capture the same location from a different angle. After all, Photoshop’s editing capabilities are limited. However, thanks to the adaptability of 3D product rendering, the precise alteration or fresh viewpoint you require is always just a few mouse clicks away.

Branding and Marketing: Streamlined


3D rendering product

 The ability to retain marketing and branding consistency over time is one of the most remarkable benefits of 3D product rendering’s technology. For instance, it’s crucial to continuously apply your brand’s particular color scheme if you want to keep your logo and other branding elements consistent across all of your marketing materials. You will need to duplicate those colors on site for each new photo produced if your marketing materials are solely dependent on photography. This will take a lot of time, which could result in exorbitant charges.

You can save money by using 3D product rendering instead of hiring a photographer, designer, decorator, and lighting expert to take a continuous stream of pricey on-site photos. Instead, you should just bring in an expert in 3D product rendering to handle everything inside

Stunning Accuracy and Precise Measurements 


3D rendering product

The incredible control that 3D product rendering provides over the final visual is the source of many of its advantages. Architectural renderings are a perfect example of this control in action. Unlike digital images, which are unable to provide exact 3D distance information, 3D renderings allow for precise measurements to be made while the rendering is still being done.

Consider a spacious living room that has been rendered in 3D as an example. Not only will the 3D picture provide you with fundamental measurements like ceiling height, but it will also provide you with more complex metrics like the width and height of each window in the living room. Additionally, the 3D render will show you the exact distance between any two pieces of furniture, the fireplace’s specifications, and other details. Even better, you may spin the 3D representation to see distances clearly that are completely obscured in a still image.

Some 3D rendering companies that offer the best service about 3D product rendering 

There are some 3D rendering companies that are very popular in the design industry. We have listed some good rendering companies for your reference.

K-Render studio



K-Render Studio is regarded as the best 3D product rendering studio among others. With the motto “ “To listen, to understand, and to accompany”, it is on the way to create great construction for clients. By elaborating details in every render that present an accurate proportion of each object to  ensure project execution properly, K-render studio would help to visualize what a proposed design looks like in real life.  


 Address : In VietNam:  Tầng 2, tòa nhà 169 Nguyễn Ngọc Vũ. phường Trung Hòa, quận Cầu Giấy, thành phố Hà Nội 

In USA: San Antonio, Texas


Phone : 0855555092


RealSpace is a studio with headquarters in Vancouver that has over 12 years of expertise producing 3D animations and photographs of the highest caliber. For games, movies, and television, they specialize in producing photorealistic 3D settings and character animations.Their group of expert 3D artists uses cutting-edge technology to produce amazing, lifelike visual effects.

Arch Visual Studio

Arch Visual Studio, provides everything from virtual reality to exterior rendering. They have  more than 11 years of expertise, thus they are qualified to offer any real estate 3D product rendering.

This is the best 3D Rendering Studio for you if you need 3D Visualization, 3D Architectural Animation, or Rendering services for your project or projects.

One of the best things about Arch Visual Studio is that they provide an accurate price quotation that is based on your demands. 

New York based – Vrender 

Vrender is a company that specializes in 3D animation and visualization in architecture. The company has participated in numerous real estate projects both in US and overseas.

Vrender provides augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) experiences in addition to conventional 3D rendering services. This gives customers a realistic idea of how a room will appear before it is really developed.

Various media have recognized the company’s work, and its crew has won numerous accolades in the field. Vrender is a fantastic option for anyone looking for 3D renderings of the highest caliber.


For manufacturers, 3D product rendering is essential since it addresses the key issues that arise throughout the creation and introduction of a product. This takes the uncertainty out, produces fantastic marketing materials, and offers a healthy return on investment. When employing the rendered items, manufacturers and designers don’t worry that something can go wrong and their efforts will be in vain. Because they can confidently foresee the conclusion, they can concentrate on how to achieve the optimum outcome. 

Every stage of the project can benefit from 3D visualization, which is useful for all parties. The most common uses for product design renders are marketing and advertising campaigns. Customers gain from product 3D rendering as well because they receive exactly what they need. Above all, a cheaper option to photography is product rendering. 

There is some interesting information about 3D product rendering that you may not know. If you want to have a 3D rendering product, feel free to contact us. We are pleased to help you to make your project become reality.  Thanks for reading! 

K-Render Studio – It’s not simply rendering, it’s the vision for life.


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