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90It is a pleasure of K-render to work with a real estate company in the Philippines who has operated for 30 years. Their project is a house subdivision with more than 2000 square meter. The client is one of the leading real estate companies in the Philippines which wish to provide their clients best living spaces, best houses. K-render was awarded the task of showcasing how our client’s clients’ living spaces and future homes look like.
Want to understand how external 3D rendering may assist an architect in perfecting and communicating his design vision? Continue reading to find out!

References and The scope of work.

As I wrote this case study on K-render‘s website, their website is under construction. Let’s see how external 3D rendering may assist an architect in perfecting and communicating his design vision? Continue reading to find out!

For this service, the client needs to provide input following:

  • A Sketchup file of 3D housing models. There are six houses in this file. The client requires more 3D housing models for the diversity in real estate rendering. Hence, K-render gives them 9 more 3D housing models.

A sketchup file of 3D housing models.

  • Google map location for the surrounding. It’s used for 3D rendering artists creating plants and landscapes.

Google map location for the surrounding.

  • The views that the clients need. In this project the clients need 4 views: human eye views, 2 street views and one semi- aerial view.
  • A sketch of the house’s exterior from the desired perspective;

When K-render 3D rendering artists skimmed through all the input files, we noticed that they lack the CAD file of the core park. Hence, we asked the client. After waiting for the client to check with his architects, The answer we got was “No”.
To solve this problem, we require our client a high-resolution picture of the master plan so we can create a CAD file for the core park for the customers.
Now, let’s have a look at how the assignment was completed.

The working process

Generally, the Bel Air Central project by K-render included 2 revision rounds. During this time, the designer tweaked a few minor details to ensure that the concept’s final image was flawless. Let’s have a look at how our CGI expert rendered the exterior of the house in 3D.

Working with 3D scene and Texturing

The creation of 3D scenes of buildings and their environs is the main priority for K-render 3D artists. K-render artists – real estate renderings company will need to use Sketchup model files as a base for accurately replicating the house’s geometry in 3ds Max in this step. Then, utilizing a Google map as a guide for local vegetation, K-render 3D rendering artists will deal with the surroundings and, if necessary, add more 3D landscape models.


Working with 3D scene and Texturing

The landscape K-render 3d rendering artists prefer to follow the customer’s request, which is typically straightforward and simple with few flowers and varying tree heights.


K-render apply materials and textures to all of the 3d models.

Then, in real estate renderings, 3d artists from K-render- the best studio for real estate rendering service apply materials and textures to all of the 3d models. K-render 3d artists also put up the appropriate views and send the clients a double-check.

The first revision round

After taking a look at our drafts, the client asked our visualization specialists to:

  • Removing the car which covers the houses. The client’s main purpose is
  • Changing the color of the people’s clothes
  • Changing the landscape of the park.

Client’s feedback

  • Reducing the quantity of the trees which cover the houses
  • Remove the white lines of the road of human eye street view.
  • The landscape looks bare and they want to add more landscape.
  • The plants on the balcony are too much and the client wants to remove them
  • Reducing some reflections
  • Removing some equipment in the park

The second revision of the client

To make the revision process easier and more fluent, they send us some visual references. We finished all the requested corrections and feedback and delivered an update in low resolution images. As you can see the Bel Air Central project- best real estate rendering images by K-render. Our CG expert used these references to make all of the desired changes. The rectified 4k image with our studio’s watermark is shown below.

The second revision round.

For convenient feedback, our clients give us a file pdf for us to update in our CRM system.

Beside the comments above, there are few things that the client wants us to improve:

  • Changing the Mercedes car to SUV car
  • Removing some objects such as garden tables and chairs, bushes, open the entrance for the park, changing the circle stones,

That’s how we finished the exterior depiction of a 3D house. Its participatory feature proved to be extremely advantageous to the architect. Our client was able to perceive his concept in a whole new light thanks to lifelike CGI. It allowed him to experiment with various design and setting possibilities in order to create a truly spectacular CG image. And we were delighted to assist him on his creative path.

The final visualization of Bel Air Central project.

I wish our client a lot of success and their business.


What the client says about our project

This is what clients say about this project. K-render is very happy to satisfy our clients and give them what they are really looking for. And with our high-quality 3d architectural rendering for real estate , they can sell their houses quickly, potentially and conveniently.

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