Some information about 3D exterior rendering services

Overview for architecture, you may hear or see keywords like interior rendering, exterior rendering, overhead model visualization.. In the article below, we will show you everything you need to know about 3D exterior rendering services. In addition, we will also introduce how you can partner with companies that specialize in providing such services.

The definition of 3D exterior rendering services

They are an important part of an overall rendering project. In the rendering process, you can also divide the stages from rendering, visualization with furniture and color.. However, this is a type of visual visualization that depicts a scene. the outside of a structure. These days, 3D exterior rendering services and interior rendering services are very popular and are the most searched keywords in the field of architecture.

Who can use 3D exterior rendering services

Real Estate Company – good 3D exterior rendering

Why do real estate companies need 3D exterior rendering services? Real estate company is one of the companies that directly deliver and sell apartments, plots of land or each house to customers who want to have a new house. They will need beautiful images to advertise the project they are trying to sell to their client.
Now let us know more about the benefits that architectural renders services bring.

In addition, 3D exterior rendering services will help:

  • Images of the company’s houses or structures will be presented in a more realistic way. Customers will be able to feel the entire space of the project they are looking to buy.
  • Real estate companies will be able to use visuals to attract investment and beautify their websites.

Some references about the exterior view by K-Render

Architectural/Interior Design firms

For interior design firms, they can use 3D exterior rendering services in addition to residential homes with interior views. This will be a combination of services that the architectural design company may ask for you.

In terms of prices, architectural design firms can provide you with many different levels. These are companies that can make customers order their designs. Therefore, their budgets may not be as large as those of real estate companies. However, the issue of cost and price you can put aside. If you are a new 3D rendering company or a new freelancer in the industry, you should strengthen the projects to increase your reputation, so that more people know you. Then you can completely take care of the price issue with the companies that are looking to do business with you.

On the other hand, you also shouldn’t agree to every price the companies that want to hire you are offering. This will reduce your credibility. You should have reasons and proof that you can create beautiful, high-quality visualizations. Not ordinary and cheap photos..

Architects – one of 3D exterior rendering studios

If your customers are architects. In this case, the architects will be the ones who make the 3D model or 3D furniture floor plan provided to you so that you can help them visualize into a 100% realistic image. If you are a top 3d architectural interior rendering services company that specializes in providing 3D exterior rendering services, you should probably target customer segments as comparable companies.

However, architects will tend to work with freelancers more. This way, you will be able to work a lot faster and more conveniently. You will have faster access to genuine, high-class customers and are willing to pay the cost of rendering for you according to the prices you offer (provided it is suitable for them and suitable for their capabilities as well. as the picture quality you can provide). They will need beautiful images to advertise the project they are trying to sell to their client.


You need to focus on the light of exterior rendering

Some tips for you to work with 3D exterior rendering services companies

Finding information about the 3D exterior rendering services and verifying their identity

One of the key and important points when working with a foreign company in all areas is that you have to be sure who the company is. and authenticate the identities of the people you’re working with.

Identity verification is very simple. You can access that company’s website or profile yourself.

  • If they are a long-standing company, their name will certainly appear in prestigious government newspapers.
  • You can visit the social network they are active on to check how active they are on those pages. In this field of 3D visualization, you can also refer to a number of social networking sites such as Behance, Linkedin, Pinterest,…
  • Besides, you can also read feedback or feedback from the customers themselves. The old company has 3D exterior rendering services to verify the quality of their rendering.

You can see all the complex city with this aerial view

Always keep a close eye on the progress of 3D exterior rendering services work

Once you have agreed to cooperate with 3D rendering companies, you should have a clear roadmap for them. You need to come up with a specific plan including the date and time they need to complete the work and send you to see the required illustrations of each project.

In addition, you also have to follow that plan closely to be able to know how the company is working. Thus, the projects or work that you are handling will not be missed and delayed deadlines.

Some reputable companies with 3D exterior rendering services

In this section, we will introduce reputable companies specializing in providing 3D exterior rendering services that you can refer to.

The first is the Omega Render company.


Omega Render product of exterior rendering view

Next is Arch CGI company.


Arch CGI exterior space is one of the best exterior renders

Standing at number 3 is the company Base 3D studio.


Source from Base 3D Studio

Coming in at number 4 is K-Render Studio.

About K-Render 3D exterior rendering services

K-Render Studio is a company established in 2012. As a company with a lot of experience in the field. Architecture and 3D rendering, K-Render is gradually asserting its position in the market and in the hearts of customers in general.

To create quality visualizations and products, K-Render has brought in experts and consultants in the visualization industry, excellent and well-trained animators to provide customers with stock photos that they like.

Below are the results of the efforts and effective teamwork of K-Render company – best rendering companies. Besides, we always want to mention the great contribution of our customers while implementing the project. Because customers are the inspiration, and the foundation for us to be able to create and successfully execute projects on 3D exterior rendering services like this.


Hope the above information has helped you in work as well as in daily life. For more information and questions, please email!



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