360 product view – The new e-commerce standard will form

In the following article, we will show you what 360 product view is. If you are still skeptical about the use and role of 360 product view, this article will answer all those questions for you.

What is a 360 product view?

360 product view is a way to represent objects with realistic film and video. In that video, architects or illustrators will show 360 degrees of objects, allowing you to see all angles of objects.


The definition off 360 product examples view

This 360 product view method is very popular nowadays. If you are an interior designer or architect or simply a 3D artist, you should know this method to keep up with the trend. And if you are a customer, a person who is in need of buying products – objects or decorations, you can read the article to understand more about the 360 ​​product viewer service.

What is the role of 360 product view in 3D architecture and rendering?

In the section below you will understand the use of 360 product examples view.

Customer personalization, improved interaction

For customers who order to design or render objects, instead of you being the recipient of that order, you should encourage your customers to receive the output in a 360 product view. 360 product view will help customers identify their products faster. In addition, you can also identify your customers based on the graphics you send them. Your customers can completely access technology quickly, interact more with products. 360 product view will definitely help you control the amount of orders, if it is too much, you can identify and personalize the orders that your company is having.

Access to online commerce

The application of 360 product view service will help both you and your customers to access online commerce more. Instead of traditional 3D rendering like interior design renders or design methods, we can use electronics to make things technology.


The particular examples of 360 view product

In the age of the Internet, you will definitely want to see a live video rather than a still photo. Expressing images through video is the demonstration that the design and rendering company has refined and caught up with this trend now. In cases where customers can view products through 360 product view videos, it is a demonstration that you can bring your company’s name to the world and elevate your brand.

Expanding visibility with products

As we have shown above, using videos to represent images will help you expand your vision with more designed products.


Another examples of 360 product video

  • Firstly, you can relate your product more realistically
  • Secondly, you can see every corner of the product through 360 product view video
  • Thirdly, you can judge which angle, edge is not suitable If appropriate, it needs to be edited to inform the architects and 3D animators that you have hired

Save material when sending to customers

With 360 product view videos, you will only need to send them to your clients. I only have one video. Normally, it will take a lot of space to store the images of the product that the customer ordered. It’s okay if the number of products is small, but if the number of products is up to 100 or 1000 items a month, you will need a lot of files to be able to store.

Moreover, you will also find it difficult to send the 3D product modeling or output file to your customers. Exporting files into formats will also cost you time and space on your computer. Instead, we suggest a simpler method that is 360 product view video. With this method, you can save maximum space and documents when sending customers the output image of the ordered project.

Who will 360 product view bring convenience?

For those who are interested in 360 product views, this item is definitely not to be missed. The question is, who will 360 product views bring utility?


360 product views in one room

With this method, all architects, artists or customers (real estate companies, design companies..) can benefit from using 360 product view.

  • The first thing you need to know is the benefits that 360 product view brings. That way, you’ll be able to make the most of it.
  • Next, the people who benefit the most from 360 product views are the architects. This is a new method, so it will definitely cost more than normal design and visualization methods. However, the return will be greater. Therefore, this is a method that we should try to expand the service and hit many customers.
  • Finally, the customers – those who are interested in the 360 ​​product view service. You know, it’s the age of technology. Therefore, you will be attracted by beautiful and high-tech services. However, if you are someone who wants to experience the service of the new 360 product view method, you should have a large enough budget. Because this is a combined product of artificial intelligence, 4.0 technology and the efforts of the whole 3D design and visualization team, to make a 360 product video, you will need a fairly large amount of money.

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